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I’ve obviously been slacking on the blog. Work at Fur Night and Day has consumed my life. Both Ashley and I joke (though we cry more than laugh) that even when we aren’t working, we are either thinking about work or doing something work related. For me, that means working on training classes, reading training books, watching training DVDs, or making trips to Lowe’s to buy supplies…and then plotting how to convince The Brother to help me build stuff.  I can’t decide if this is sad or if I actually really enjoy it.


I first came to the Sutton Center summer of 2008.  The end of that summer, I obtained my precious baby rat, Stumpy Sutton!  Today, he turned 2 years old!!  Such a big boy!!  I’m proud of how far we have come.  To date, Stumpy knows 17 commands, is learning another, and has starred in his own short film.

babiesBabies!About one year.2 yearsStumpy at 2 years

I am thankful for every day I have to spend with him, and look forward to more adventures.

Summer camp groups came up this week to see our show.  The rule is that large buses cannot come up our steep hill. I was the barer of bad news for a lot of kids when I told them they would, GASP! have to WALK UP THE HILL!! What disturbed me the most, was the number of kids with inappropriate foot ware, flip flops and sandals.  I mean, come on! You are going on a trip to an outdoor location. I in no way want to sound holier than thou, but I would think that the parents would be in charge of making sure their children have some solid soled shoes to wear!  I’m pretty sure most summer camps have an itinerary that the parents have access to prior to signing their children up for the camp.
I realize that some of the groups were underprivileged youth that may not have money to buy a lot of shoes. It just seems logical to me that if you can’t afford a lot of shoes, then you’d buy one pair…tennis shoes. I also realize that flip flops are cheaper than tennis shoes, but I’ve seen cheap shoes around here: Dollar General and even Aldi has them. Yes! Aldi has cheap shoes!!
So parents, please! For the sake of your children. Please be responsible enough to dress them appropriately for their daily activities!! If you can’t be there when they get dressed, then at least try and help them lay out the appropriate clothing the night before.

Let’s review. Tip #1: Power washers can wash away your skin!
Tip #2: Be a responsible parent; dress your children according to the activities of the day! Because flip flops are NOT appropriate for the Sutton Center!

Ryan/Boss Man is a falconer.  He recently took two babies from a Cooper’s Hawk nest in Tulsa for he and a friend to train for falconry use.  This is completely legal as long as the licensed falconer leaves at least 2 eggs or babies in the nest.
When he acquired the babies, he approximated that they were 2 and 3 days old.

He asked me to ‘babysit’ for him my first weekend here while he was busy because they have to be fed and to make sure they didn’t fall out of the nest.  They were 3 and 4 days old then.They sleep funny, sometimes on each other like they are smothering each other. I think they are kind of cute!They have to be fed little pieces of quail by placing them on the end of stick. They can’t associate hands with food, so you use the stick.

Sunfest weekend, Ryan had a softball tournament, so I watched them again.  They were 1o and 11 days. AWH!

It is crazy how fast they grow.  They still need help eating.
Today, Ryan had another after-hours errand, so I watched them for a couple of hours.  Today they are 16 and 17 days old … and HUGE!!!  They are growing … I hate to say it, but less cute. 😦  Their feather shafts are coming in so they lose the cute fuzzies.
This weekend is a falconry meeting.  One of the babies (Ryan said he’s pretty sure they are female) will go to his friend. This is a juvenile.

This is an adult.

After a really difficult week of readjusting to the routine and the heat, I really needed a break.  Since it was Mom’s birthday, I thought about coming home. BUT! The family came to see me and go to Sunfest! YEAH!!! We watched the Frisbee dogs and got to hear Edgar Cruz play again (he came to play at FUMC once).  It was nice to get off the hill and have some fun and relax.

Sunday, I went to FUMC Bartlesville.  I had been there last time I was here and enjoyed it.  I was surprised when I arrived that one of the ushers recognized me!
Also, a girl I knew from The Wesley is their intern! It was nice to see a familiar face.
Ryan and his wife attend that church. Ryan invited me to join them for the church’s picnic that evening as well.  = FREE FOOD!!! 🙂