I never took the advice of W.C. Fields to “Never work with animals or children.”  I pretty much jumped right in and feel in love with doing both.

I have been intrigued by animal training for some time.  Every time I watch a movie that features animals, I insist on watching through the end to find the names of the animal trainers. Many people, including myself, watch television shows specifically because an animal is a character or is at least featured in the program.


B.S. in zoology with a minor in environmental science from the university of Oklahoma.

Intern at the G.M. Sutton Avian Research Center, Bartlesville, OK   summers 2008 and 2010. Animals: rats, skunk, and a variety of birds, including hawks, corvids, and parrots.

training various friends’ animals

head trainer at Fur Night and Day, Norman, OK: obedience, agility, tricks

Animals in my Menagerie:

Stumpy Sutton: fancy rat

Featured in: “Stumpy Goes to College” a short film

Tricks: 18 and counting–stand, walk on hind legs, spin, shake, hold a pencil, ring a desk bell, up onto and down from something, tunnel, jump over, ramp, seesaw, weave poles, place paws (on something), open (lid or door), basketball, roll (/nudge something with nose)

Noodle McLaughlin: friend’s black cat

Featured in: “Time Expired” a full feature

Tricks: sit, jump down