Last night was the Center’s fund-raiser WildBrew.  Yup. Beer, food, and birds!

Big Boss Man wanted us to fly some birds for the patrons.  This last week we have been working with Midas, our golden eagle, and Zephyr, the Harris Hawk, at the Tulsa Expo Center to prepare.
When we call the birds, we needed them to see us over all the people. So, Boss Man wanted Boss Girl and I to be high and he would be on the stage. There are catwalks in the event building. He wanted me to climb up a straight vertical ladder to get to the highest walk. YEAH…The intern who’s not too big on heights…RIGHT!  I don’t have too much trouble when I’m finally up, but it’s the getting there that bothers me, especially when the assent is vertical!  But not wanting to be difficult, I worked myself up to climbing that ladder all week and yesterday at practice.
At practice, Zephyr landed on a table that was set up for the restaurants instead of coming straight to me.  Of course, this would not be ideal if he landed table with food on it or worse, a person!  Boss Man decided to not fly Zephyr just to be safe; he was able to convince Big Boss Man that this was for the best.
We ended up only flying the golden eagle. So I spent all week freaking out going up and down that stupid ladder for NOTHING! I was not pleased. At least I didn’t have to go up one more time, but it was frustrating to have to go through that. I guess it’s good that I accomplished it.