I FINALLY get to put some heels on this blog!    (photo credit: Embraceable You Photography)

Yesterday was my second time to participate in the OKC PhotoWalk.  This is an event in which photographers, professional and amateur, come together, walk around downtown, and take pictures. It’s a nice way for photog.s to practice techniques and shooting other media (landscapers can practice with models, portrait photog.s can practice scenic shoots, etc).

I was coming home this weekend for a wedding anyway, and it was nice that it worked out for me to do both.  I had a blast last year and got some amazing photos back.It was so hot this week that I couldn’t really come up with another great costume that was cool enough. 😦  But I still think they turned out well.  We all had dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse and then did a night class.  This year, Jason Jones from Dallas came to teach about flash techniques.  I was thrilled when he chose me as his test model.  He even talked me into getting further into the fountains than last year!

Amanda Mertes
Brooke Martin
Jason Jones