Drew Edmonson’s wife came to visit us on Thursday. That means that Big Boss Man was super strict about wanting everything to look nice.  I was in charge of cleaning up our areas and raking all the leaves away from the buildings.  A major task seeing as how we are in the woods.
Apparently Big Boss Man told Boss Lady that he was pleased with my work. He told me in person as well, which was nice.  He said I’d made it look cleaner than it has ever been before. It was especially nice that he mentioned it the next day in the staff meeting as well.  I finally felt good about all the stuff I’ve gotten done around here.

OH! And look at the Cooper’s Hawk now! So big! About 35 days.  Boss Man does not name his falconry birds until they have made their first kill. But his 5-year-old daughter has named the bird “Rainbow.”  : )