Thank goodness! Got to love the mink oil for the boots!
The last summer I was here it was a rainy few months.  This month is starting that way as well.  It started raining here this morning and within a few hours we were nicely flooded.
This blog format does not support my camera’s video format, so check out the YouTube:

The Chick Lab/my room is down an incline.  At the start of the video, the waterfall is flowing down some stairs I take to go to the Eagle Barn and the Quail House. … Yeah, not happening!  Panning over, the new lake is even worse than usual because I just raked for our special guests. Awesome.  The water is worst over the plank that is supposed to help keep me dry during such situations…also not happening!  Then the water flows off behind and under the old prairie-chicken habitat, which is thankfully elevated.