It’s been a busy few weeks.  We did the OK Mozart show last Thursday. We had about 250 people. Not as big a turnout as Ryan expected, but still good.  A lot of small children that became restless. Like the little kid who threw his pacifier at the stage and freaked out our recycling raven. Thanks kid!!
One of the volunteers the Center has is a really nice lady we call “Momma” because she takes care of us, especially the interns.  She had us over for lunch after one of our practice days for Mozart.  This past weekend, she invited me to come with her to the final OK Mozart event, “A Night of Gershwin.”  Before the concert started, I noticed a woman I thought I recognized. She went backstage and came out with her harp. Yup! It was the professor Matthew and I both had for Understanding Music! Small world.
This week has been frustrating. I’m working with the Quakers and it’s not going well. Boss Man is not great at constructive criticism.  I’m feeling very discouraged. I got one Quaker to fly to my hand. The other would step up, but today she completely stopped and now acts scared of my hand. Frustrating.