Summer camp groups came up this week to see our show.  The rule is that large buses cannot come up our steep hill. I was the barer of bad news for a lot of kids when I told them they would, GASP! have to WALK UP THE HILL!! What disturbed me the most, was the number of kids with inappropriate foot ware, flip flops and sandals.  I mean, come on! You are going on a trip to an outdoor location. I in no way want to sound holier than thou, but I would think that the parents would be in charge of making sure their children have some solid soled shoes to wear!  I’m pretty sure most summer camps have an itinerary that the parents have access to prior to signing their children up for the camp.
I realize that some of the groups were underprivileged youth that may not have money to buy a lot of shoes. It just seems logical to me that if you can’t afford a lot of shoes, then you’d buy one pair…tennis shoes. I also realize that flip flops are cheaper than tennis shoes, but I’ve seen cheap shoes around here: Dollar General and even Aldi has them. Yes! Aldi has cheap shoes!!
So parents, please! For the sake of your children. Please be responsible enough to dress them appropriately for their daily activities!! If you can’t be there when they get dressed, then at least try and help them lay out the appropriate clothing the night before.

Let’s review. Tip #1: Power washers can wash away your skin!
Tip #2: Be a responsible parent; dress your children according to the activities of the day! Because flip flops are NOT appropriate for the Sutton Center!