Ryan/Boss Man is a falconer.  He recently took two babies from a Cooper’s Hawk nest in Tulsa for he and a friend to train for falconry use.  This is completely legal as long as the licensed falconer leaves at least 2 eggs or babies in the nest.
When he acquired the babies, he approximated that they were 2 and 3 days old.

He asked me to ‘babysit’ for him my first weekend here while he was busy because they have to be fed and to make sure they didn’t fall out of the nest.  They were 3 and 4 days old then.They sleep funny, sometimes on each other like they are smothering each other. I think they are kind of cute!They have to be fed little pieces of quail by placing them on the end of stick. They can’t associate hands with food, so you use the stick.

Sunfest weekend, Ryan had a softball tournament, so I watched them again.  They were 1o and 11 days. AWH!

It is crazy how fast they grow.  They still need help eating.
Today, Ryan had another after-hours errand, so I watched them for a couple of hours.  Today they are 16 and 17 days old … and HUGE!!!  They are growing … I hate to say it, but less cute. 😦  Their feather shafts are coming in so they lose the cute fuzzies.
This weekend is a falconry meeting.  One of the babies (Ryan said he’s pretty sure they are female) will go to his friend. This is a juvenile.

This is an adult.