The entertainment industry was saddened today by the news of a great stars death: Russel Crow.

NO! Not the Homo sapien Crowe, but the Corvus brachyrhynchos.

When Jennifer was weighing, she said Russel was acting funny.  I went to change his water and he was just sitting in the corner…on the ground, not a perch.  This seemed unusual to me as well.  We were practicing for the shows this week; Russel did his trick (taking a dollar bill from an audience member, taking to Ryan’s pocket, and returning it to the person), but he just held his food reward in his mouth = weird
Ryan was gone, so when he came back, we looked at Russel. Ryan said he was sick but didn’t know why.  Big Boss Man Steve took him to the vet yesterday, and they gave Russel some antibiotics in his food.

Jennifer told me this afternoon that Russel had died. 😦   We are hoping the necropsy will tell us something.