Here’s a life tip:  Power washers are powerful enough to take skin off your finger.  So be careful!
I was washing out hawk crates on Tuesday.
It’s also sad when you’re sweating so much that it looks like you sprayed yourself in the face with said power washer.

Wednesday was “Sweeney Todd Day” or what normal people call BOP (bird of prey) day. I will spare the weak-stomached the details, but we grind the food for some birds, so it’s a good way to practice my scissor skills.
Oh! And Ryan got me some left-handed scissors! I’m very pleased. They still make fun of me relentlessly, but it’s nice to have them.

Thursday: Our volunteer came today to help out.  It was REALLY HOT!!! We are setting up the stage to get ready for some shows next week.  It’s too hot and humid. Blah.

ticks embedded: 4
ticks loose: I lost count a long time ago
wasp sting count: 1